This is what we think:
A 4-star hotel shouldn’t
be expensive.

Our goal is to manage a high-quality hotel and keep our prices reasonable while doing so.

According to our research, the comparable 4-star hotels in our regions are 20 to 50% more expensive than our hotel. That does not have to mean that their prices are unreasonable. The fact is that many 4-star hotels include services that are not necessarily required by all guests. We offer all the ingredients for an unforgettably great vacation. But there are services that we do leave out, or offer for a small surcharge - things not all guests are interested in.

You don’t need the most expensive materials to create a lovely environment

We have made our home - which is over 500 years old - into an absolutely unique jewel, using good sense, natural materials and a lot of care for the smallest details. Added to this, there is the new wellness area, with a lovely indoor swimming pool and a new dining room furnished using local wood.

Restaurant of the 4 star hotel

No expensive entertainment program

Besides the guided walks (which we really like to hold) - we do not offer an expensive entertainment program. Besides, in an area like ours, no extra entertainment is needed. We will be happy to give you tips on how to have fun in our region. We and our wonderful personnel will be happy to give you information on the sights, the walking routes, the places to visit and other insider tips.

guided walks

Our guests take vacations with their kids, not from their kids

Our hotel does not offer entertainment programs for children, and we do this on purpose, so parents can spend a few days with their children. But children can amuse themselves on their own, too. Our smaller guests have a wonderful playroom all to themselves which is separated from the dining room by a transparent wall, so parents can see what their kids are up to.

Hotel with children's playroom and garden

Generous discount for children

Children under 1 year i a cot pay 9,00 Euro/day. Children from 1 to 3 years of age receive a discount of 80%. Children from 3 to 14 years of age sleeping in an extra bed in the room enjoy a 50% discount. Guests over 14 (including adults) also enjoy a 30 to 50% discount. These are remarkable discounts, only a very few hotels offer anything of the sort.

Hotel with family room

We offer certain services only on request and, in certain cases, for a surcharge

  • The soap and shower gels in the bathroom are in dispensers and not in small packages, to protect the environment.
    If you wish individual small packages, these are available at the reception, free of charge
  • We will be happy to bring your bags up to your rooms (surcharge 5,00 Euro)
  • Bathrobes are included for stays of over 2 days. (Otherwise the charge is 5,00 Euro/Person/stay)
  • Hand and bath towels are available free of charge
  • Renting a bike costs 10,00 Euro (free for stays over 5 days)
  • We do not have a beauty shop in the hotel, but we work with local partners who will be happy to pamper you.
Renting a bike at the hotel


And since it’s free anyway, we like to be very generous with our friendliness. And to be honest, there’s a little bit of enlightened self-interest in that. After all, as the saying goes, “What goes around, comes around”. It’s nice, and a lot more fun, when we get a friendly smile from our guests in return.

Team Inn & Hotel Lener

We produce our own energy

We have been generating our own heat for over 10 years now, using a modern wood chip furnace. The system uses wood from our own lands or from surrounding farms. Most of our electricity comes from our photovoltaic solar array.

Thermal energy with photovoltaic system

No compromises

But there are areas where we simply cannot compromise, and there we aim for the highest possible quality. For instance, our exceptional cuisine. High-quality cooking requires high-quality ingredients. We obtain these from our own farm and, for the most part, from local companies and farms.

Cleanliness is also very important to us and neither costs nor effort are spared. Careful personnel make sure that all areas are clean and well-kept at all times.

excellent cuisine with high quality ingredients

Our style may not be for everyone, but all the guests that feel as we do will certainly be comfortable in our hotel.

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